Cut the Rope 2, who can guess that cutting the rope could be this interesting?

The monster who loves candy is back for a lot of new adventures, and he is better than ever. This game is really popular among the ladies and kids because of the cuteness of the lead character Nom, and he is even more adorable in the new version. I know how could that even be possible, but somehow our Nom manages to be more cute, this is one of the most played games in the world, and there is a reason behind that. These days the video games are not child’s play anymore, there are too many violence and blood in all these games. The weird thing is some video games required the users to be a certain age. The credit card, yes most video games requires the player to have one, they start the game as a free to play and when you are in the play and addicted, you will find out that you need to use a credit card or you will not get to enjoy all the features, how convenient. Cut the Rope 2 also requires you to buy features with real money , but I may able to show you a tool which will give you all the things you need to enjoy the game fully without money, yes, I am good. But first thing first let’s start with the review of the game and about the new additions in Cut the Rope 2.


Cut the Rope 2 is still about Nom the candy loving monster and cutting the ropes and going ahead in the game. But this time some other absolutely adorable creatures are also added in the adventure, but do not get wrong it is still all about our favorite Nom, the other creatures are cute but they are just some supporting characters. The balloons are also more colorful and cheerful this time. But the thing that is most impressive about this new version is the animation. This is just unbelievable for a video game, it is simply superb. You will enjoy the game even more because of the amazing graphics quality. The candies are more delicious this time.

So far so good all are free up to this time. But now here is the bad part. You have to buy extra candies to do well in the android game and the price of the candies are really high, so what to do. I am here, no worries guys’ am going to tell you about cut the Rope 2 hacks, yes they are completely safe to use and you can get as many resources you need for free and forever. So the Cut the Rope 2 hack is the best thing to happen to us since like candies.

So what are you waiting for? Start playing cut the Rope 2.